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Who are the latest people trying to save the A's for Oakland? 

 Clorox Co. CEO Don Knauss

 “If the current ownership group is not committed to Oakland," Knauss said. "We want to make clear that Oakland and the East Bay business community are ready to step up to the plate to help ensure the A’s stay home where they belong in Oakland.

“We’re confident we have identified an ownership group with the financial wherewithal to buy the team, keep them here and get a new stadium built.”

Wolff had an immediate response, telling the Associated Press, "This team is not for sale. No one has reached out to purchase."

The coalition plans to secure the funds through the following initiatives:

- Stadium naming rights.
- Establishing major corporate sponsorship commitments.
- Attracting more regional sponsorships from other parts of Northern California.
- Pursuing specific industry anchor sponsors such as airlines, health care, car manufacturers, beverage and food companies, energy companies and consumer companies.

A new stadium in Oakland is expected to cost somewhere between $400 and $500 million.

Knauss has a history of linking businesses to stadium renovation. He was President and CEO of the Minute Maid Company when it secured the naming rights for Minute Maid Park in Houston.

"I want to thank Clorox and members of the business community for doing what is necessary to keep the A's in Oakland," Oakland Mayor Jean Quan said. "Developing a world-class sports, entertainment and business complex as a new home for the A's will generate thousands of jobs."

-Until there is not only an actual plan but there is  action and commitment to where and who the money is coming from, this is all smoke and talk, nothing more. This changes nothing for me. 
-To make this more than the boy who cried Wolfe, pun intended...They need a group with money, someone who says if Lou will sell we will buy and a commitment of money. In other words much more than more talk.
-I don't see this as different.
- You would have to blow Wolfe away with any offer. Who is going to do that? A name or group of actual names who will bid.
-Does Cuban want the A's?

10:45 3 UP AND 3 DOWN: 

1A:  Mariano Rivera: A few thoughts on him and his torn ACL shagging fly balls in KC that may have ended his career:

-I can't think of a worse way to go out. A cart in pregame. People talk about worse ways to die, that's worst ways to go out of a sports career.
-How is it that he used one pitch and got guys out and others never had similar success? What is/was he doing that no one else could duplicate?
-This is amazing:  Mariano Rivera pitched 141 innings in the playoffs. ERA: 0.70
-He's no the GOAT. He's the best one-inning GOAT, but not best closer. It's apples to oranges to compare him to guys like Rollie Fingers who did it for 2-3 innings when they went out there.

1B: Barry is appealing, Pettite is backtracking..These are the days of the steroid lives....

 2. The Bill Buckner ball is tired. Expected to go for $100K? Is that ball irrelevant after the Red Sox won it not once but twice since then?

3.  Carlos Beltran is really good for the #1 offense in the NL. Last night Beltran hit 2 dongs and knocked in 7 runs. He's hit 7 bombs with 18 RBIs and is hititng .276. All this on a modest 2 year, $26M deal. Just sayin...


1. The Giants swept by the Marlins who were reeling coming in to AT&T Park.

OVERREACTION: Worst series ever. Lose 3 and Pablo for awhile.

2. Former 49er Gary Plummer says he suffered over 1,000 concussions. 

OVERREACTION: He's the one with the overreaction...1,000 really?

3. Bay area guy and DeLaSalle's own Amani Toomer says Kurt Warner is trying to trash the game of football by saying he doesn't want his son's playing.

OVERREACTION: Toomer is right, Warner is overreacting, football is safe.

4. Kate Upton now has a trading card.

OVERREACTION: She's hot, but with all her exposure, lately...Pun intended, she's close to jumping the shark. (Carl's Jr, MLB 2K12, numerous videos, promoting or doing ads for everything that's not nailed down)

5.  Kentucky Derby this weekend

OVERREACTION: A sports bucket lister. Something you have to do as a sports fan is sip mint julep's at Churchill Downs while hanging out with women in floppy hats.

NOON: DAILY DILEMMA: Worst ways to end it and the lasting legacies of it. 

An old guys discussion is worst ways to die. Well Mariano Rivera just did the worst way to leave the game. Shagging fly balls in KC, torn ACL. Elway did it the best with a Super Bowl win and a rise off into the sunset. Jordan almost did the same, but came back with the Wiz and now is one of the worst owners in sports.

-How much will this affect River and how much does an unhappy ending affect a players legacy?
*Rivera in KC shagging balls
*Favre as a Viking
*Montana as a Chief
*Jordan as an owner


1. Former 49ers LB Gary Plummer's claim of over 1,000 concussions
2. Chris Bosh playing the same night as his son was born.
3. Andy Pettite backpeddles and misrememebers
4. The Sharks non-committal on McClellan
5. Jean Quan in an A's jersey yesterday
6. The Bobcats lottery ticket plan




Would you discourage your kids from playing football?



"In the 1990s, I did a concussion seminar. They said a Grade 3 concussion meant you were knocked out, and a Grade 1 meant you were seeing stars after a hit, which made me burst out in laughter. As a middle linebacker in the NFL, if you don't have five of these (Grade 1 effects) each game, you were inactive the next game.
"Junior played for 20 years. That's five concussions a game, easily. How many in his career then? That's over 1,500 concussions. I know that's startling, but I know it's true. I had over 1,000 in my 15 years. I felt the effects of it. I felt depression going on throughout my divorce. Junior went through it with his divorce."

  • Bonds files appeal to overturn conviction 
  • Sabean on Belt
  • How can Bochy stick with a .208 hitting shortstop who's glove is inconsistent or a below average rotation at 2B with Pablo out? I think the Giants have to look outside the organization at 2B or SS. They need a long-term fix there anyway. 
-Former Stanford Cardinal Jed Lowrie is hitting .329 in Houston
- Neil Walker is a 27 year-old .280 career hitter in Pittsburgh


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